do you...

Do you wish there was a way to get more done without the overwhelm?

have too much going on?

say yes to everyone?

overcommit yourself?

struggle to find rest?

try to get organized, yet nothing works?

Do you wish...

  • you had time to finish the tasks on your to do list?
  • your calendar and task management system were in sync?
  • you could prioritize without feeling guilty about saying no?

You want a time management system that helps you

hey, sistafriend...

get organized and execute on all the things you need to do in your life.

Finally, a Christ-centered productivity playbook that helps you get more done, stop worrying about your schedule and have time for what matters most.


You're tired of being unproductive & you're ready to fix it.

YOU let other people's priorities TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR OWN.

you struggle to finish things each day.


Does this sound familiar?


between work and health issues, i was drowning in my to do list and struggling to get through each day.

I had a hard time setting boundaries with work and others, so I said yes to things I should have said no to. As a result, I was always behind on what I had to get done and lost a lot of sleep trying to get caught up. plus, the number of TASKS ON MY TO DO LIST was so overwhelming, I was in a state of chronic stress.

i longed for "more time" to "finish everything;" and dreamed of, somehow, having time to do what was important to me, including take care of myself. rest wasn't even a thought because i didn't want to "fall behind." I honestly had no idea how I could stay on top of things and keep my sanity.

I searched for the perfect planner and tried to create the perfect schedule. Nothing worked. instead, It all led to anxiety, depression and getting really, really sick.

But the Lord was good to me and, provided exactly what I needed to break free from unhealthy habits and poor time management. if He can transform my life, He can absolutely transform yours!

I was always busy, but hardly productive.

My Journey

"In my distress I called upon the Lord; to my God I cried for help.
From His temple He heard my voice, and my cry to Him reached His ears."

Psalm 18:6

so you can have time for what matters most.

a step-by-step time management framework that helps you create your own stress-free planning and productivity system

A Christ-centered productivity playbook to get more done, stop worrying about your schedule & have time for what matters most.

On Heaven's Timeline
Living Life
firm foundations

On Heaven's Timeline

your Christ-centered productivity playbook


discern what the Lord is leading you to focus on in this season. then, create an action plan that helps you finish what you start in your daily life and in your God-sized goals.

Biblical Action Plan


develop a schedule that helps you consistently get more done each day; know what to work on (and when); and how to easily identify the distractions, so your plans aren't derailed.

Personal Management


understand how to apply God's Word to your daily decision-making, so you can better discern when things are really important or just a distraction.

Biblical Mindset


discover the common difficulties you're bound to face. plus learn how to overcome them when you're stressed out and tempted to go back to your old ways.

Productivity Pitfalls


get the step-by-step framework on how to create simple systems that drive productivity in all areas of life and reduce anxiety relating to your to do list.

Productivity Systems


learn the 7 principles that drive God-honoring productivity, so you can get the important things done and still have time for what matters most in your life.

Productivity Principles


here's what we'll cover

What's inside

Instant access

A Note from Me

Instant access


Before working with Erika, I felt overwhelmed, unmotivated and just plain lost...I worked on a lot of things with Erika and she has been so patient with me. She has been able to get to the root of many problems...I learned to shift priorities and take steps to make dreams and big goals come true. I have more confidence and passion for life, God, my family, and goals.

God has used Erika in such a special way in my life.

Bas R.

There are so many takeaways that I received! However, the best one was learning how to effectively decrease the time I spend lesson planning for my students. This helped increase my productivity, as well as honor my abilities by not pushing myself to the edge with exhaustion and stress. I got to also discover the usefulness of a weekly planner when it comes to my daily activities. Thank you again for sharing your amazing wisdom!

Erika, thank you so much...

Melissa B.

I struggled to find a balance between work, family life and caring for myself. I also had trouble respecting my own boundaries and felt drained.  Erika helped me revisit my priorities and boundaries; and identified how I could honor them. This helped me feel more in control and in alignment. Erika helped me clarify certain things and get back on track.

I would absolutely recommend working with Erika.

get the support you need to develop effective systems and a biblical mindset, so you can get more done & have time to focus on what matters.

Your struggles end right NOW.

Firm Foundations 30-day devotional ($49 value)

fruitful habits workshop - develop consistency in powerful, simple habits that contribute to peace-filled days, even when you're busy ($149 value)

pitfall planning workshop - prepare for common struggles & have a game plan for victory ($149 value)

aligned goals workshop - setting the right goals & finishing what you start ($197 value)

guided schedule audit ($149 value)

living life organized workshop - organization & productivity tools & systems ($149 value)


PROSPER Journal - prompts to help you go deeper with yourself in this season of growth ($49 value)

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Living Life

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if you're done with doing too much & having no time for the things that matter most to you, this is for you!

You CAN stop worrying about your schedule and be FREE from this stressful cycle.

a year will pass you by no matter what you try...

confidence and peace that comes from knowing how to manage your busy life and still have time for what matters most

mindset coaching to help you think biblically about your schedule and to do list

a step-by-step playbook and proven framework that helps you get more done without the overwhelm

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On Heaven's Timeline
Living Life
Firm Foundations


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Gain immediate access to:

I created on heaven's timeline to help you get productive in ways that honor the Lord and keep Christ first.

you don't have to choose between God and your to do list.

you can thrive in your personal and professional pursuits.

you can say goodbye to worry & overwhelm relating to your to do list; and have time for what truly matters.

As your coach, I'll teach you how!

I learned to get more done each day, while putting Jesus at the center of my busy life; and I'm sharing the proven framework inside!

I know what it's like to struggle to make time for priorities. Not only have I helped other women who suffer from anxiety and overwhelm...I was one of those women, too!

Your Jesus-loving, Puerto Rican life coach!

I'm Erika...

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i provide a step-by-step plan that helps you complete the material n 30 days and see a tangible change in as soon as a couple weeks. that said, it's important to note that everyone moves at their own pace and life happens. if you find yourself in a challenging season with less time to invest in learning, executing and leaving room for trial and error, you can get through the material in 45-60 days by investing just an hour in your learning and implementation.

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